Day 88 – Republic, WA to Tonasket, WA

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Day 88 – Republic, WA to Tonasket, WA – 45 miles

After spending 4 days in Rebublic, we were itchin’ to get back on the bike this morning. We felt like we had adequately imposed on our warm shower hosts, DiAnne and Boyd and with the bike fixed, it was time to move on. Unforgettable kindness, great company, lots of stories, wonderful food (Boyd’s huevos rancheros and DiAnne’s pico de gallo were amazing!), and the use of a vehicle – they certainly made our weekend enjoyable and memorable!

When Jim got on the bike this morning, for whatever reason, he pushed both buttons on the bike computer to turn it on. One button is all that was needed, because both buttons resets the odometer. Three months he did it properly, but today we have a cleared odometer. Oops! From now on we will have to add 3,554 miles to the daily mileage.

Right away upon leaving Republic, we were climbing. Our pass today was Wauconda Pass. It was not too bad doing this one because we were starting from a higher elevation, although there was still plenty of climbing. It took a couple hours to reach the pass. It wasn’t too bad, as we were riding in the cool of the morning. Several miles after reaching the pass, we coasted right into Wauconda, which consists of a post office, restaurant and convenience store in a big purple building with red & yellow trim. (The colors sound kind of wild, but it really looks pretty cool!). After a yummy breakfast & quite a bit of conversation with the proprietress, we were on our way again.

While the first 18 miles took several hours, the next 20-some were fast and we made good use of the drag brake! There were 2 or 3 1-2 mile 5% grades downhill with some 6% grades mixed in too. The last 6 miles was all 5% or 6% grades downhill. Those were fast miles and we were so happy to have the drag brake to slow us down! Suddenly, the terrain had changed drastically. We were riding thru high desert – the evergreen-capped mountains were replaced by rocky mountains and fields of sagebrush.

By the time we got to Tonasket, it was nearly noon & it was heating up! We grabbed a Gatorade & a snack at the gas station, enjoying some AC as we ate our snack at a table inside. Then we decided to check out the town before heading to the home of our WS host. We did need something from the hardware store but also checked out a few other shops. Nice town! By the time we got back on the bike to go the last few miles to our WS stop, the thermometer in town was reading 102F.

Our WS host for the night, Ivetta is an incredibly kind woman who greeted us at the door with a warm smile! She had fresh fruit, homemade cookies and cheese & crackers on the table and immediately offered us cold drinks. Ahhhhh! A wonderful oasis from the heat! We talked (and snacked!) for quite a long time before hitting the shower, then enjoyed a fantastic dinner of vegetable lasagne with fresh vegetables from her garden. Wow! What a treat to have fresh produce! And we even had fresh sweet corn – our first of the summer! We spent the rest of the evening enjoying great conversation. It’s so wonderful to be back in an area of the country where there are Warmshowers hosts, as these experiences are the highlight of our trip!


DiAnne & Boyd – Wow! So many kindnesses! Thank you!!!








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