Day 85-87 – Republic WA – Rest Days

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Day 87 – Republic WA

We are still in Republic, enjoying the generous hospitality of our Warmshowers hosts, DiAnne and Boyd. They have been so very kind to let us stay so long and even loaned us a car so we could enjoy the beautiful area outside of town!

Yesterday we attended church at the Lakeview Bible Church, which is the church where Dave preaches. (You may recall that Dave’s wife, Lin (Linda) picked us up on Friday after our bike broke down and then Dave drove us around all afternoon trying to help us find someone who could work on our bike.). We enjoyed Dave’s sermon and the welcoming congregation. Then later we enjoyed a delicious dinner at the home of Lin & Dave and met their 4 children (Natty, Jon, Sandy & Cory), dog (Lady), 5 cats (Little Guy, Ivy, Monkey, Teddy Roosevelt and Biscuit) and their flock of fowl! Hope we got the names right! We weren’t going to try to remember the names of the chickens and turkeys! Jim got a kick out of feeding grasshoppers to the chickens and turkeys!

We received a call from the Republic Post Office this morning that our package has arrived – this is our spare rear wheel that Shawn’s sister, Sheila mailed on Friday afternoon. (Thank you so much, Sheila!) On Friday, we had called both of the bike shops closest to Republic (one an hour east of here by car and the other an hour west of here by car) and neither of them had a mechanic in until Tuesday. With DiAnne & Boyd’s car, we thought we might be able to drive a little further and get the wheel work (drag brake and rear cassette put on the good wheel) done today and sure enough, there was a bike shop in Spokane that said they’d do the work today. So, Jim is headed down there right now and hopefully we’ll be back on the bike tomorrow morning!

In other news, on Friday we had been concerned about some new forest fires possibly causing us to have to reroute and we were looking into other options thru Canada. We spoke with another Warmshowers host in the affected area yesterday and he said right now things are looking good to use the Adventure Cycling route. Of course that could change quickly, so we’ll continue to watch. Our WS hosts are hosting another cyclist tonight who just rode thru the area we’re headed, so we’ll be sure and find out what we can from him, as well! Keeping our fingers crossed that we get the bike fixed and the fire activity diminishes!


2 thoughts on “Day 85-87 – Republic WA – Rest Days

    kathy said:
    August 4, 2014 at 1:46 pm

    Alix is in Ellensburg. If you need help let her know. 616-446-6457 it looks like she is a couple of hours away, but she has a huge truck.

    Elroy and Judy said:
    August 4, 2014 at 5:17 pm

    You sure are lucky to meet such nice people even tho it is to be expected since you guys are so nice too. Sure hope the repairs will work and you can continue your quest!

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