Day 72 – Rest Day – East Glacier, MT

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Day 72 – Rest Day – East Glacier, MT

With wind advisories in the forecast thru midnight tonight, we took a rest day today. We heard that some hiking trails had been closed yesterday in the park, due to high winds, however the winds have diminished considerably in the course of the day today. Aside from scattered rain for much if the afternoon, it might not have been a bad riding day but it was a great rest day! We got our laundry done & took a tour of East Glacier Lodge (built in 1913) this morning. We both started & finished a book in the last 24 hours and enjoyed some nice naps cozy on the couch in the common room of the hostel while it rained outside. Tomorrow we get back on the bike & tackle Marias Pass & the Continental Divide!

We are still watching what is going on with the fires in Washington state. The North Cascades Highway has been closed for several days due to the fires. It seems that Oregon is also on fire.







Our room at the hostel:


Enjoying a concert at the restaurant next door (great restaurant, btw):



One thought on “Day 72 – Rest Day – East Glacier, MT

    Diane said:
    July 20, 2014 at 11:01 pm

    Hi there friends!!! So glad you had a good rest day. And what a thrill to see so many photos of you two…. of the non selfie variety! :o)

    Who knew your trip planning would involve the potential ‘fire detour’?! Crazy.

    Hope you continue to have a great trip. I really enjoy reading about your days. :o)

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