Day 67 – Rest Day in Havre, MT

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Day 67 – Rest Day in Havre, MT

We got up early, as that seems to be what our bodies know & walked down to the motel office for a half bagel for breakfast, then we set out for the local coffee shop about 6-8 blocks down the street for something with a little more octane. While there, a group of regulars came in & we all got to talking. They gave us some recommendations for things to see & do in the area before we headed out. Nice folks!

We wandered around the downtown area & went through the Railroad Museum before our 9:30 am tour of Havre Beneath the Streets. Now, we’ll give the same disclaimer they gave us before the tour, before you read the rest of this paragraph – this paragraph discusses some “adult” topics. After a fire destroyed much of downtown Havre and before it was rebuilt, the businesses operated out of the basements – including a mercantile, post office, bakery, meat shop, dentist office, funeral home, saloon, an opium den (a guard watches out over the people smoking opium to make sure the smokers don’t catch the bunks on fire) & a bordello. Our tour guide explained the difference between a brothel and a bordello – a brothel has walls between the rooms, whereas a bordello has only curtains for “privacy”.

We got our wheel back with spokes repaired and wheel trued, as well as more extra spokes and nipples. Then did some shopping, had a great lunch (at the Lunch Box!) and did laundry. I think we’re all set to ride again tomorrow.

We had dinner with Tim & said our good-byes to our great riding companion. He’s heading south to Missoula, while we’re heading west. We’re sure going to miss him! Surely the right person to ride into our lives at the right time! Pretty incredible how our riding speed, riding styles & personalities were so compatible. You really get to know a person when you travel together for 9-10 days! We traveled some long, lonely roads with Tim! His jovial personality & quick wit made for fun riding and great evening conversation. Have a great ride & safe travels back home to Australia Tim! We hope our paths cross again sooner rather than later & we’ll be looking forward to showing you Michigan next time!



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