Day 64 – Wolf Point, MT to Glasgow, MT

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Day 64 – Wolf Point, MT to Glasgow, MT – 51 miles

We wanted to get an early start to our day, the weather forecast was for 16 mph head winds, we were hoping catch some morning calm. We hit the hotel restaurant early and watched them open up, the waitress was busy, so people were helping them selves to coffee. Jim’s first cup came from a real cowboy – at least a local guy in cowboy hat!

We headed out from Wolf Point and turned left on westbound US-2, this road will be our home for the next few “forevers” :-). The first mile marker was in the range of 572 – that number hits you hard on a bike – that is the distance to the Idaho border. The chant from the movie “Sandlot” keeps playing in our brains…for-e-ver, for-e-ver, for-e-ver… 571, 570…

About 20 miles into our ride, we met up with a couple more eastbound cyclists, Max & Ken, (father & adult son) from Philly. We chatted awhile & traded tips, as we usually do. They were headed to Circle – probably a 85-90 mile day for them. They had been riding with Roland (our friend from yesterday) for a day or so, but they took a rest day yesterday and Roland wanted to move along. It is so fun to chat with these other cyclists – we spend a lot of time riding along & it breaks things up, not to mention conversing with like-minded souls. 🙂

But today’s biking was great! Tim called the day very “cruisey” – flat, straight roads, no winds yet, cool temps and blue skies. We made great time all morning. We had two towns on our route. The first was Frazer, we had heard this was a pretty rough town and being three wimpy bike riders, we skipped right by the town. The next town was Nashua, there was a cute diner / soda counter where we enjoyed the interesting combination of an egg sandwich and strawberry shake. Yumm!

Back on the bike after our snacks, we were feeling pretty darn good because the past 2 days have not had any indoor rest stops at all. We got a few miles down the road and a county sheriff truck passed us & pulled over just down the road. He put his lights on & got out of his truck as we approached. He was very nice but said he had received complaints from motorists about bikes “in the middle of the lane”. (We were not traveling in the middle of the lane!) He said he understood that there wasn’t much of a shoulder and the winds could be troublesome but asked us to try and stay as far to the right as possible. Sounds like another good reason to ride as early in the day as possible.

We got into our stopping town, Glasgow about 11:30 and the wind was just starting, so we were pleased to miss out on a headwind/crosswind. We got a motel room at a nice little local place right on US-2 and across from a grocery store. Tim has a room right next to us. After showering, we walked across the street to the grocery store & picked up some fresh fruit, snacks & deli sandwiches for dinner. At one of our overnight stops earlier, we introduced Tim to Redd’s hard cider & so today, we picked up some Angry Orchard to introduce him to a new brand tonight. 😉

Train being loaded with grain from the elevator:


Max & Ken:







La Casa Motel was great! The flyswatters are just a Montana thing.



One thought on “Day 64 – Wolf Point, MT to Glasgow, MT

    Marv & Diane said:
    July 14, 2014 at 8:15 am

    Jim and Shawn, We LOVE reading about your daily adventures and seeing your great pictures. I’m sure you have heard this a “bizzillion” times, but it is about the journey and not the destination. Marv & Diane

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