Day 61 – Wibaux, MT to Glendive, MT

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Day 61 – Wibaux, MT to Glendive, MT – 30 miles

The weather forecaster said today is going to be a “Goldilocks Day” – not too hot, not too cold, not too much wind. It sure turned out to be a kind of fairy tale day!

We started out on the interstate with a long, gradual climb but exited at the next exit, riding county 106 for about 12 miles, most of which was a downhill with a tailwind. For the few climbs we thought we’d have, we just coasted up them! And not a car was seen either. We could have done without the chip seal, but it wasn’t bad. For a short stretch, we had biting flies that surprised us at how fast they could fly – there was no outrunning them. But we only had a few minutes of dealing with them. Pretty soon our road ended at the interstate, so we were back on I-94, but that was downhill also and we nearly coasted much of the way into Glendive.

When we got into town we had lunch / second breakfast while deciding where to stay and what to do with our day. Tim was willing to give camping a go, but it is rather hot out and we had heard from other cyclists that there isn’t any shade at the campgrounds. So we found a small local place and got rooms with AC. On our way to the motel, we came across an eastbound cyclist, John from Dripping Springs, TX. (How about that town name?!?) We chatted for a bit and he gave us a tip on camping in the next town west, so we didn’t feel quite so bad about not camping today.

Tim had read about the dinosaur museums in town wanted to check them out – there are several, one of which is a creationist dinosaur museum, which could be interesting, regardless of your religious faith. One was just a block away, but the creationist one was nearly 2 miles back up the road so we opted out of that one. The one we visited had an interesting collection of dinosaur stuff! Afterward, Jim walked over to the laundromat & washed clothes. Later we walked to the grocery store – it is quite hot & dry here! After watching the shootout in the World Cup game (Argentina & the Netherlands), we went to dinner with Tim. It’s been a nice, relaxing day – almost like a rest day!

We started the day in grasslands:






Ended the ride in the badlands:






One thought on “Day 61 – Wibaux, MT to Glendive, MT

    Sherri said:
    July 11, 2014 at 10:40 am

    Wow guys, already so far! Nice job, just like pros! oooh Jim good scare, keep that on reserve for any wildlife that could eat you!

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