Day 55 – Gackle, ND to Hazelton, ND

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Day 55 – Gackle, ND to Hazelton, ND – 66 miles

We got up at about 6:30 am & packed up and walked the two blocks to the local cafe with our new friends, Vincent & Tim. Vincent was ready to go, as were we but Tim was planning to leave later as he was only riding 38 miles to Napoleon because there is a motel there and the next town only has camping. Tim has a tent but prefers not to use it, so he is planning to “sneak up on Bismarck.” After breakfast, we said our goodbyes to Tim and rode out of town with Vincent. Vincent was going to ride the first 10 miles with us and then swing north to the interstate so that he could ride all the way to Bismarck today. It was really great to spend time with these two guys as it gets awfully lonely on these quiet remote roads. Unfortunately, a few miles out of town, Vincent realized he forgot his water bottle so he turned around to get it. His long day into Bismarck just got a little longer, unfortunately. We offered him one of ours, but he wasn’t too concerned about backtracking.

It was a beautiful clear morning for riding. Blue skies, sunshine, cool temps and a slight tailwind that became more pronounced as the day went on. We rode thru farm fields and around LOTS of lakes & large ponds! It’s amazing how many lakes there are around here but they look so strange because there aren’t houses or trees around them – just fields of crops or fields for grazing cattle. And it’s not at all flat! But beautiful rolling hills, which made for a wonderful day for riding.

By about 11:00, we rolled into the town of Napoleon. It’s a pretty little town of neat, tidy homes and few very nice looking motels and restaurant. We went to the White Maid Diner & Drive Thru & had the best hamburgers ever! We also got into some conversations with some of the other patrons, one of whom wrote out some restaurant & camping suggestions for towns west of here. People around here are so very nice!

Back on the bike & a quick tailwind-assisted 26 miles into Hazelton. (We’re trying to make a note of the tailwinds because we often don’t notice & appreciate them. 🙂 ). There is a nice little city park with 6 RV campsites, lots of lawn space for tents, restrooms & showers. Looks like we’re sharing the place with 1 RV tonight.

Tomorrow, we have a shorter day to get to Bismarck. We’re going to spend a couple of nights with my cousin Ronnie & his wife Bella and their daughter & grandson who are visiting for the holiday. Looking forward to seeing them and also a rest day!




Dinosaurs on the prairie:





Camping in Hazelton:






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