Day 54 – Enderlin, ND to Gackle, ND

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Day 54 – Enderlin, ND to Gackle, ND – 74 miles

Woke up to clear blue skies and NO WIND! Ahhhh! Rode out of town at about 7 am and into pretty much nothing for 74 miles. Same road, different fields & a few doozy hills to make things interesting – and more interesting the last 12 miles. We ended the day at an elevation about 800′ higher than where we started.

There was a convenience store / cafe about 25 miles into our day, so we stopped for a 2nd breakfast. All of the rest of our needs were taken care of on the side of the road. :-/

We got to the Honey Hut WS home at about 3pm. Our hosts, Ginny & Jason make their basement and yard available to cyclists, which is so wonderful in this remote area of ND. They are bee keepers who live summers in ND & the rest of the year near Sacramento, CA.

We are sharing this cyclist’s haven with Tim (from Australia) and Vincent (from Montreal, Quebec). All four of us are heading west and so we’ve been commiserating about the wicked wind. Tim rode 50 miles in that 2nd day of wind & then took the next day off. Vincent took that day off & rested. We rode half the distance planned each day. And we all ended up here tonight! We walked a few blocks to the local bar for dinner together. It’s been a great evening with our new friends and we needed this! We’re all looking forward to TAILWINDS, which are in the forecast for the next 2 days.

Link to Vincent’s blog:

Getting out of Enderlin this morning:



The guy in the lead truck warned us that 3 houses would be coming down the road behind him – said they’d give us our space but he didn’t want us to be startled.




Our WS hosts, Ginny & Jason:



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