Day 53 – Kindred, ND to Enderlin, ND

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Day 53 – Kindred, ND to Enderlin, ND – 32 miles

Should we write a post or just say it’s North Dakota, it’s flat, the roads are straight and the wind is fierce!

We hung out at our overnight church accommodations. It seems to be a recurring story that we intend to leave early, but end up being delayed for rain. This morning was no exception as we watched a rain cloud pass over Kindred on the radar. By 8:30 we were on the road. Today’s wind might have been a little less than yesterday, but the good news is it was not a straight on headwind, winds were out of the north west, so we had a cross wind, headwind combo. We wanted to get to the next town Enderlin, only 30 miles away, because the next town after that is another 70 miles. Our original plan was to go Fargo to Enderlin in one day but the winds caused us to change that plan!

We knew with the wind it would be a challenge so Jim employed a technique taught to him by “Coach Woj” from the runGR running club. For marathons, he likes to break each mile into individual segments. Each segment is dedicated to someone in your life. For the bike, we decided that each each 2 mile segment would be dedicated to people we hold dear, or people we are riding with in our hearts. So the 30 miles would break up into 15 different segments, all with the thoughts, anecdotes, memories, stories of the person(s) named. Shawn had the list handy and we did our best to provide a riding tribute to each one. It worked! Although the miles were hard, and the wind howled, we made it to Enderlin shortly after noon. It was the “end of the line” for our riding for the day. (Which is how this town got its name – the Swedish pronunciation for the end of the line – at one point the train tracks ended here.)

We didn’t really stop at all – nothing to stop at – so got here about 11-11:30-ish. We went straight to the motel to ensure we’d have a shower and a bed tonight. Then we got some lunch, went to the library to update the blog and then on to the grocery store. It’s really cold out today (low of 40, high of 60 – not sure we’ve seen that high temp yet today) & we had light rain off and on during our ride, so once again very glad to be inside tonight. Tomorrow looks to be warmer with sunshine & a light breeze – sounds good!


One thought on “Day 53 – Kindred, ND to Enderlin, ND

    Sheila said:
    July 4, 2014 at 12:39 pm

    Haha. The picture of the guy on the motor cycle the other day looked like our cousin Ron. I thought it was him anyway. Man, you’ve had some tough days! Hope you get a day of rest soon. God’s speed and lotsa love.

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