Day 44 – White Bear Lake, MN to Andover, MN

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Day 44 – White Bear Lake, MN to Andover, MN – 30 miles

This day started like many others with concerns about the weather. There were many small storms around, but it did look like we could find a window to get started. We didn’t have a very long ride today, it was a bit of a rest day, with a few miles to move us closer to the end point.

We headed out on a large suburban road that had a huge right shoulder. It’s nice to cruise through city streets when there is lots of room for bikes. After about an hour on the road, we noticed dark clouds to the west and we started doing a few more more weather checks. We also were checking the phone for a good “lunch” stop. (It was still a little early). Shawn was tracking the storms with restaurant locations and routings for the trip, all while pedaling away on the bike – quite a challenge for sure! We rode until we felt rain drops and made a quick left turn to a Subway restaurant for a sandwich and to watch the storm pass. We enjoyed our sandwich, but were disappointed there was no wi-fi. We’d have to make one more stop to get the blog updated.

The rain stopped and we got on our bike. It seemed like we only pedaled 50 feet before we spotted what we had hoped we could find for our rain stop – Caribou Coffee! Looks like we’ll make one more stop! Mmmm Coffee! And free wi-fi!

The rest of the ride to Shawn’s cousin Adam and his wife Anne’s house in Andover was uneventful. It sure was nice to be out of the threatening weather, and in for the day

The evening with family was wonderful! Adam and Anne have a charming, beautiful (and fun!) four year old son. We had such a fun time with their little one. Later, another cousin – Adam’s sister, Denise arrived at the house with her youngest son. Jim had a great time playing with the stomp rocket in the back yard with the boys.

Shawn enjoyed catching up on family talk with Adam, Anne, Denise, and their mom, Sandy. Having some family time on the trip is a nice thing for sure! We all enjoyed burgers on the grill and salad greens right from the garden! So good!

Adam & Anne:


Sandy & Adam:






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