Day 43 – Eagan, MN to White Bear Lake, MN

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Day 43 – Eagan, MN to White Bear Lake, MN – 26 miles

We woke up after a very restful sleep at Kim’s place (she insisted we take her bed!) to the smell of fresh coffee. Kim was already up and had a wonderful breakfast spread prepared. We had a short mileage day ahead of us, so we leisurely enjoyed good coffee (mmm muka coffee maker!) and our breakfast.

We had reviewed our routing options the day before and settled on a route that skirted around the east side of St. Paul mostly on roads, rather than going right thru the city on bike paths. When we got to our first turn, however, the road we were going to take was closed, so we had to improvise a bit. It wasn’t bad – we were on lightly traveled roads & it was Saturday morning. Probably the most difficult thing was riding into and out of the Mississippi River valley once again.

We stopped for lunch at Caribou Coffee. After eating, we worked on writing the blog as various people came over to say hello and ask about our trip. It’s funny how some days we don’t get involved in many conversations and other days, we’ll get into conversations with many people! Lots of friendly folks around here! After stopping by the bike shop next to Caribou, we rode the last few miles to our friends, Scott and Brenda’s house. S & B are much more than friends, they are the parents of our son Matt’s boyfriend, Luke. Unfortunately, Brenda is on a long term assignment so was not home, but Scott showed his cooking prowess with an excellent Copper River Red Salmon dinner and Bumbleberry pie dessert. Wow was it good!! (We understand Brenda contributed with some long distance menu planning!). After dinner we enjoyed a fun (but crazy) Wes Anderson movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel. It was the first movie Shawn and I had seen on the trip and it was a nice relaxing time for us! We had hoped to spend more time with Emma, S&B’s youngest, but she is busy with summer jobs, so we only had time for a few hellos and good byes!

Breakfast was another Scott creation, including bacon cooked on a miracle microwave bacon cooker invented by a neighbor (Who knew!). After some conversation and route planning we made our way to the bike for our final good byes! Thanks for your wonderful hospitality, Scott!

Side note: our bike odometer rolled over the 10,000 mile mark – that for the life of the bike odometer, not for this trip. 🙂 Lots of happy miles together.

Chillin with Scott!


On the trail under the 494 bridge:



The Mississippi is high – notice that the parking lot for the boat ramp is under water!


Beautiful streets near White Bear Lake!



Took a walk with Scott & Sprite (dog) down to the lake. We saw a couple bald eagles flying low over the lake & one swooped down & grabbed a fish.



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