Day 42 – Red Wing, MN to Eagan, MN

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Day 42 – Red Wing, MN to Eagan, MN – 52 miles.

The weather report was indicating a nice day for cycling and we were looking forward to meeting up with Shawn’s cousin, Kim so we packed up, said good bye to our WS host and headed downtown for breakfast at the local diner. We had big plans to ride the Cannon Valley Trail but with all the recent rain, portions were closed due to flooding. So the night before, we sat down with our WS host and worked out a route & picked a small town about halfway to Eagan for meeting up with Kim, who was bicycling out to meet up with us.

One thing we didn’t do in Red Wing was to check out the giant boot, but we hear it is something to see! Check out:

Coming Out of the Mississippi River valley is quite a chore! We climbed for several miles before coming to a 9 mile construction zone. Usually we dread this sort of thing but this time it was good for us! They were laying new asphalt and while there was construction equipment & men working for the first mile or so, the next 8 was new asphalt on the right lane of the road and the motorized traffic was diverted to the left lane. So we had about 8 miles of smooth new asphalt & didn’t have to share it with the cars & trucks. And we spent plenty of time on this stretch of road because it was mostly all uphill too! But it was morning & not yet hot, so we did just fine. Once we were up & out of the valley, it was mostly flat and we made good time after that.

We got to our meeting place ahead of Kim, so sat in the shade of a big maple tree in front of the local church to wait for her. We thought she was going to be there ahead of us, so we texted her to find out where she was. Turns out her route didn’t work out very well and she was further out than we thought, so we rode out of town toward her & met up with her a few miles southwest of our planned meeting spot. It was so fun to see her in the distance, waving her arms in greeting! When we met up, we got off our bikes for hugs. Kim rode one day with Shawn, on the Mesabi Trail 2 years ago, so it was fun to ride with her again!

We rode along the Vermillion River Trail (road) and were amazed at the high water! Kim mentioned that she rode thru water across the road on her way down to meet us. After lunch, we continued on toward Eagan. By now, it had warmed up considerably! After about 15-20 miles in the hot sun, it felt so good to ride into the underground parking garage at Kim’s condo & be out of the sun!

We were all afraid we’d be couch potatoes for the rest of the day, so we got in the car right away to check out Minnehaha Falls. With all the recent rain, Kim heard that Minnehaha Falls was pretty spectacular, so we went a few miles away to check it out. It was very cool! Thundering with record volumes of water. What a beautiful park to visit in Minneapolis! After a beer run for Jim 🙂 we returned to Kim’s place for a great evening of conversation & a fantastic Thai dinner, made by Kim.

At Minnehaha Falls with Kim:


Had to dodge a few of these on our 9 mile ride thru construction:



Riding with Kim!


Cooling off at the base of the falls:



View from the top of Minnehaha Falls:





One thought on “Day 42 – Red Wing, MN to Eagan, MN

    Kim Rafferty said:
    June 22, 2014 at 4:12 pm

    I had a feeling my bike route south to meet up with you was going to be a bit tricky, not only because I am a terrible navigator :-), but I wanted to avoid biking on the traffic-heavy highways while avoiding the dirt country roads as well. I’m glad you two had as much fun as I did, it was great to hang out with you both!

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