Day 37 – Lake Mills, WI to Madison, WI

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Day 37 – Lake Mills, WI to Madison, WI – 35 miles

Thunderstorms in the forecast, so we got an early start, hoping to avoid some potentially severe weather. It was an overcast, breezy (crosswind/tailwind) morning, riding up the drumlins & cruising down the other side. After a nice long downhill into Madison, we hopped on the Capital Path. It is great bicycling in Madison! Great paved paths with signs, so it is really easy to figure out where you’re at. We enjoyed some conversation with other cyclists who were curious about our trip – the panniers give us away. šŸ™‚

Two years ago, Shawn rode from Grand Rapids, MI to Bemidji, MN (Meandering the Midwest ) and partway thru that ride, joined a bike tour in Wisconsin. The night before the ride started, she put her tent up next to another woman, Judy. They went to dinner together that night & a new friendship formed. After the ride, they kept in touch and Shawn contacted her when we got closer to Madison.

Judy met us downtown Madison & led the way first to a coffee shop & then to her place. It was so nice riding thru town mostly on the shaded pathways. At one point, the sky turned dark & we thought we’d get caught in the rain, but it didn’t rain. We got to her place, took showers & made a lunch of some wonderful brick cheese. Mmmmm!

Judy is getting ready to move, so it was so nice of her to put us up for the night as she prepares to move later this month. She warned us about the boxes but her place was so nice and comfortable & sunshiny & breezy. Then we got in her car and she showed us a little of the area & where she is moving to a few miles away. We took a hike in the nearby park which had a peaceful, shady area in the pines that smelled wonderful of pine. As we were making our way back to the car, another smaller dark cloud rolled in and it sprinkled on us a bit – hardly worth mentioning except that we were so concerned about thunderstorms all morning and it turned out to be a non issue.

After a crazy, mass videochat with all 3 kids at once (always a crazy free for all) – and we’re in 4 different time zones – we sat down to a yummy dinner, made by Judy. We talked and all worked on our knitting projects before turning in for the evening. Judy insisted we sleep in her bed, while she slept on her air mattress in the other room. She’s such a sweetheart & what a wonderful time we had together, catching up! And I’m so glad Jim was able to meet one of my friends from my solo bike trip 2 years ago! Thanks for everything Judy!

Brain Meanderings:
– none – weird – we were pretty focused, I guess. šŸ™‚

Political Statement:
-Michigan needs to do better in its bike paths and cycling routes. Madison is a great example of bike paths done right! They are well thought out and not a traffic design afterthought. Someday!

Judy & Shawn:


Path & street signage:


Bike signal:


Judy, riding with us:





One thought on “Day 37 – Lake Mills, WI to Madison, WI

    Sherri said:
    June 17, 2014 at 2:52 pm

    What a cool story about meeting Judy/ getting together with her.

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