Day 36 – Waukesha, WI to Lake Mills, WI

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Day 36 – Waukesha, WI to Lake Mills, WI – 40 miles

After a warning that we would be woken up early by our Warmshowers kids, we were surprised we got a full nights sleep, in fact, we were dressed and had our breakfast before the kids came downstairs. We said some quick good byes and continued down the Glacial Drumlin Trail. We stopped at Mama D’s (just off the trail in Wales) for some fantastic coffee & baked goods.

After 20-some miles of the trail, 13 of which were paved and the rest packed down dirt (mostly – cap’n Jim had to watch carefully for loose gravel in spots or soft, muddy spots), we decided we had had enough. The trail was a nice leisurely ride and there were beautiful views of wetlands and wild flowers along the trail. Wow! The wild flowers!!! But the loose gravel was tiring and most of the time the views on the trails were somewhat limited. We were enjoying tailwinds but to fully take advantage of them, we took to the road.

Upon leaving the trail, things got a little more interesting, in terms of terrain and fauna. We spotted a tom turkey, fanning out his tail to impress a group of hens. Shortly after that we slowly climbed a hill, as a pair of asses watched, seemingly mocking us but when we spoke to them, it spooked them and they ran to the other side of the corral. Then they came right back to the fence to watch us some more.

We made our way to the town of Lake Mills. We grabbed some lunch at a a sandwich shop and looked for a hotel or campsite about 10 miles away. We knew we had more miles in us, but Madison was 26 miles away and we have arrangements with Shawn’s friend Judy on the west side of Madison on Sunday. There was nothing to be found…but, Jim called a Lake Mills motel and at a rate of 45 bucks for a room, we were in! Bonus was a McDonalds (for morning coffee), a Walgreens ( we need a few things) and a liquor store all within a stones throw of this fine motel.

Dinner was the treats we found on the road…Wisconsin cheese curds (yes, they squeak on our teeth!), New Glarus Beer (only sold in Wisconsin), tiny pretzel rolls and hunters sausage.

Brain Meanderings:
– “Little Elvis”???? Geez, get the mud out of your ears!
– What IS a drumlin? (Look it up!)
– “We need to protect our cookies”

On the Glacial Drumlin Trail (1st 13 miles paved):




A couple of asses:




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