Day 32 – Rest day in Grand Rapids, MI – Gear List

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Day 32 – Rest day in Grand Rapids, MI – Gear List – what we’re packing

We’re taking a rest day at home today, so thought we’d take the time to publish a gear list. After 30 days of travel, I think we’re pretty happy with our packing & the contents of our bags. We may swap out for different shoes or shirts but that’s about it. Most of our bags have a good amount of extra space for purchases, if needed (usually for groceries when going to our overnight camping spot). Anyhow, for you gear heads, here’s what we’re carrying:

Handlebar bag (Ortleib, waterproof):
Valuables and frequently-used small items such as, wallets, electronics, iPhone/iPad charger, passports, prescription sunglasses, pens, notepad, chapstick, bug juice, pocketknife, eye drops (for the cottonwood fuzzies that make my eyes itch), chamois cream (not as much need for this since week 1), etc

Frame Bag (Revelate Triangle, waterproof) – we tie this to a tree branch at night when camping:
Food in the large compartment – typically contains a small jar of peanut butter, ramen noodles, sports drink mix packets, dried fruit (usually prunes), nuts (walnuts or peanuts), jerky or summer sausage, beans, some sort of bars – Pro bars or granola bars, and whatever looks good for dinner and breakfast. (Fresh fruits and vegetables if we’re camping that night.)
Sunscreen & blue pills (Aleeve) in the small compartment

Tent bag – rides on the top of the front rack – Big Agnes tent, poles, stakes & ground cloth (space blanket)

Front panniers (2) (Ortleib Front Roller, waterproof):
1. Jim’s clothing – 2 bandanas, 2 long sleeve wool shirts (in case one gets wet), 2 wool tee shirts, one sleeveless wool shirt, one pair of running tights, 2 pairs of bike shorts, 3 biking jerseys (-I tried two, but I need more variety in my life), 2 pair wool socks, 1 pair of lightweight running shoes for evenings, 1 pair of underwear, sleeping shorts, off-bike shorts, regular shoes, chamois towel. I also carry two spare tires here as well.
2. Cooking kit – one pot w/lid, small containers of olive oil, dish washing soap, laundry soap, 2 plastic sporks, 2 plastic bowl/plate, coffee cup, backpacking stove (Snowpeak), fuel for stove, instant coffee, dish towels, tools, extra tubes, lube, rope and knitting projects go in here too.

Rear panniers (2) (Ortleib Bike Packer Plus, waterproof)
1. Shawn’s clothing – 2 bandanas, 3 long-sleeved wool shirts (one is very lightweight – good for keeping the sun off me), 2 short-sleeved wool shirts, 1 wool tank, 2 wool bras, 3 pairs of wool socks, (Can you tell I love wool? Great for any season!) 3 pair of padded shorts, 1 pair of capri-length shorts for off-bike, 1 pair long pants (cycling tights), 2 pair underwear, off-bike shoes, chamois towel. I carry the toiletries in here – toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, soap, etc. No shampoo needed until we get more hair. 🙂
2. Sleeping gear: 1 sleeping bag (Feathered Friends), zipped to an undersheet with pockets for the air mattresses, 2 Big Agnes air mattresses, 2 down backpackers pillows (Feathered Friends), 1 blow-up pillow, 1 silk-cotton sheet, first aid kit (easily accessible in the outside pocket).

Seat post bag (Revelate Viscacha, waterproof, roll-up dry-sack style)
Rain coats, bike lock. This bag expands quite a lot, so it’s easy to stash other things in here.

Equipment on the bike:
-Bike computer (Speedometer/odometer)
-Drag brake, to slow us down in the mountains / big hills
-Reflective safety triangle
-Headlight & taillight




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