Day 29 – Croswell / Lexington, MI to Otter Lake, M

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Day 29 – Croswell / Lexington, MI to Otter Lake, MI – 51 miles

We slept rather late and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with Sheila, Bill & Boyce before packing up to head back out on the road. It was such a nice, peaceful, restful visit as Sheila is such a thoughtful hostess and an incredible cook! It was hard to say goodbye, after enjoying the love and companionship of our loved ones!

It was a perfect day for riding: beautiful blue skies, comfortable temperatures, flat road, riding in the big ring and a tailwind! We made quick business of the first 35+ miles, taking M-90/Peck Road much of the way & enjoying a largely traffic-free ride. Just before we turned onto Van Dyke, we stopped for a chat with a cyclist out on a training ride to Lexington. Nice guy (forgot to get his name) – planning a trip later this summer – don’t forget to check out if you’re reading this.

When we got to North Branch, we stopped for lunch in a local restaurant & guzzled down a couple glasses of ice water each with our lunch. We had been drinking from our water bottles on the bike but summer has definitely arrived. Coming into the tiny village of Otter Lake, we came across a hill that caused us to have to use our granny gear and we realized we haven’t been in that gear since Embro, Ontario!

We stopped at the convenience store and picked up a few groceries before going across the street to the village campground. They asked if we wanted a shady spot (yes, please!) & gave us a shady site near the restroom. (Yes!!!) The guy showed us to our campsite & asked if he could take our picture – they take pics of all the cyclists who come thru & put it on their Facebook page.

We parked the bike, removed our helmets, shoes and socks and went right to the beach for a swim! Ahhhhh! Summer in Michigan! This is what it’s all about – there is a great swimming hole for every day of cycling! First lake swim of the trip – of 2014! Felt so good! Came back, set up the tent, cooked dinner & now we’re just vegging out with our bellies full. Life is good! This day’s a wrap!






Looks like we’re eating old green beans tonight, courtesy of the Otter Lake convenience store.


Otter Lake Campground & Beach:




One thought on “Day 29 – Croswell / Lexington, MI to Otter Lake, M

    Jennifer said:
    June 9, 2014 at 6:30 am

    Looks like you are going to pass right through my town of Montrose. Just west of Clio, slightly ST of Birch Run. Sweet.

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