Day 18 – Kingston, ON to Bloomfield, ON

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Day 18 – Kingston, ON to Bloomfield, ON – 49 miles

We woke up to bright (not overly sunny) skies in our bedroom at John’s house. Our room was just feet from Lake Ontario so we fell asleep to the sound of the waves on the lake but when we woke up the lake was flat calm & quiet except for a few birds. The cat, Houdini, was rather vocal with us for not feeding her – I guess in her mind, any two-legged creature should know their responsibility to provide food for her! John was up shortly after that and took care of her. 🙂

We fixed breakfast & coffee in John’s kitchen & shortly after that, said our goodbyes to John & thanked him for sharing his lovely lakeside home. It seemed like we had so much to do today! We had a conference call on personal business first thing so we pulled into McDs for a coffee and the call. Then we explored Kingston for a bit until the bike shop opened. Finally got our long-valve fat tubes – yay!

Interesting fact about Kingston – it was the first capital of the united Canadas however the capital was changed because it’s location was too vulnerable to American attack. It is a beautiful city and there is a military base there, as well.

There was road construction on our way out of town so we took advantage of the opportunity to ride thru the city’s beautiful neighborhoods. We wound our way around and Shawn spotted our road out of town so off we went. Another day of headwinds, but not as bad as we have seen, we plugged on to Amherstview for groceries. We went through a lot in the last day. A regular size Gatorade was $2.79, but the large ones were on sale for 1.00, after some quick mental math, we decided the larger size was a much better value. Only thing is, they didn’t have our new favorite flavor, yellow. Oh well, orange would have to do. We decided the orange tastes liked Popsicles, but we have come to love the yellow because it has a margarita vibe to it. Apparently, your taste buds start to hallucinate on the 3rd week of bike touring!

We climbed a bit out of Amherstview for some beautiful views of Lake Ontario. This is a beautiful area, and we feel so fortunate to be here during Lilac season, because they are very plentiful in this region! Tall mature bushes of all colors, Shawn especially likes the deep (dark) purple ones calling them out every time she sees them! Sometimes we were riding thru a tunnel of lilacs on both sides of the road. It was lilac bliss for Shawn!

We rode for quite awhile right on the shore of Lake Ontario. It was so pretty! For you west Michiganders, the shore isn’t like the Michigan side of Lake Michigan – no sandy beaches. More like the Wisconsin side, if you know that area. Anyhow, as we rode close to the waters edge, the temperature was 10-15 degrees (Fahrenheit) cooler & it felt so good!

We also rode through thousands of “bug circuses” (a term coined by our kids when they’d see ants or other bugs swarming) when we were near the water. We were laughing about them because they were so numerous, which made things worse because then we’d get them in our mouths. Actually, Shawn just tucked behind Jim, listening to them hit his helmet. Finally we stopped and Jim got out an extra bandana to wear across his nose & mouth, ala the Frito bandito.

Soon we were at Adolphustown where we caught the ferry to Glenora and Prince Edward County. It was a fun ride (and free). The head wind we had been dealing with was more than apparent on the ferry, it was a nice break from riding to let the ferry take the brunt of the wind!!

We climbed again to get to the next city, Picton. It had been a pretty good day, and we were going to be early getting to our warm shower host soon, so we found a tavern for a pint and more Poutine (we may as we’ll take the opportunity to get it while we can!). Our days work nearly done, it was a nice respite. Even singing along to old 70s tunes – c’mon all you over 50 people sing along…”good girls don’t, good girls don’t, good girls don’t…but I do!” (Get The Knack)

Four miles more to our Warmshowers host in Bloomfield, ON, The Bloomfield Bicycle Company – certainly the most unique WS hosts we have had todate. We believe this is the closest we will come to totally reliving the 60′ hippy lifestyle, although there is no tie-die, lava lamps or beads hanging from the door way. But it is a “we are here to help you” kind of place without the pretences of fancy, or new any thing, tonight’s stay is like staying in your crazy uncle’s garage (note to my niblings: not MY garage). There’s bikes galore, a trampoline used as storage rack hung from the ceiling, old couches, futons, chairs, a huge wooden dining table, a kitchen with two really cool antique stoves and one modern one, a restroom shower, closed off by blanket, more bikes, bike parts, seats frames and more bikes.

Our WS host, kt was so welcoming & showed us around and encouraged us to make ourselves comfortable. She had leftover homemade multigrain waffles from breakfast on the counter in the kitchen, which we helped ourselves to – so good!!! Later on, Ally (she also lives here & works at the bike shop & is also a nurse) made dinner. She made a delicious bean salad with candied salmon and various herbs from the garden. She also sautéed a bunch of veggies, including some greens that Rick picked from the garden and we all made our own omelet. It was a fantastic dinner!!! We had a great evening talking around the table with Ally & Rick (kt wasn’t feeling well, unfortunately).









5 thoughts on “Day 18 – Kingston, ON to Bloomfield, ON

    Sheila said:
    May 29, 2014 at 9:42 am

    Love “The Tragically Hip Way” sign in your picture. Haha! I too love lilacs. You were so fortunate to enjoy the lilac blooming on your ride.

    Judy DeVries-Eppinga said:
    May 29, 2014 at 10:26 am

    I have such fond memories of that part of Ontario. I am LOVING following along on your adventures.

    Kim Rafferty said:
    May 29, 2014 at 11:34 am

    I am LOVING reading your blog every day! P.S. – Pretty sure I’ll be singing that Knack song most of the day.
    That song sure brings back fond memories of my first year at BSU 🙂

    jamie nye said:
    May 29, 2014 at 1:23 pm

    Oh course “the Hip” have their own roadway in canada

    Aimee said:
    May 29, 2014 at 1:28 pm

    I loled at “our new favorite flavor, yellow.” that, and “the tragically hip way”!!! Ha!

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