Day 15 – Coteau du Lac, QC to Long Sault, ON

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Day 15 – Coteau du Lac, QC to Long Sault, ON – 50 miles

We rode along the water most of the day- it started out to be a beautiful day, and most of the day was very nice, but we did notice a few thunder heads in the distance. The area along the north side of the St Lawrence seaway is mostly agricultural with some small towns that have a vacation feel to them. It just doesn’t seem like a lot of people were out even though this was a Saturday.

In Quebec we finally rode on part of Route Vert, which is a network of bike paths in Quebec. It may have been the language barrier, but we struggled to find the path. When we did finally see a sign, it was just as we came into Ontario where their Waterfront Trail starts. Parts of the Waterfront Trail are very nice, and well marked. Other parts are twisty, windy and bumpy, not much fun for a heavily loaded tandem. The trail follows route 2 in Ontario, so we were on and off the trail frequently.

Oh yeah, we entered Ontario! Our 5th state or province! It always feels so good when we stop for selfies at the border. The next one will be Michigan! (But that one is a ways off!!)

We came to Lancaster, Ontario, and decided it would be our breakfast stop – had eaten a granola bar and a banana with peanut butter at our motel. We try to find local restaurants, but there was none to be found. The choice was simple for us, Tim Hortons of course! A breakfast sandwich, a Double Double, a donut, free WiFi, what’s not to like!! The visit to Timmy’s was dampened a bit when Jim noticed a soft front tire. Another tire change! It could wait until after we ate. Turned out to be another bad tube.

Back on the bike, more riding along the water thru beautiful little waterfront villages. Before too long we were in Cornwall. We went right to the bike shop & checked the inflation in the tires. We checked on getting tubes but we need long stemmed tubes & they didn’t have the size we need. No worries – just checking. We had a great lunch at a restaurant right next to the bike shop – spaetzel beef goulash with dill pickles in it – sounds odd but it was great! We also enjoyed a pale ale from the brewery in our daughter-in-law’s hometown in BC. We also did our grocery shopping before leaving town. It is amazing how long we spend at some of our stops!

It was a quick 9 miles to our campground on Long Sault Parkway. We did a quick check on only the closest campsites, as the campground road was dirt and we didn’t want to ride or walk far on that. We quickly got the tent up and then gathered dead wood for a small campfire. The skies were grey off to the north, and we could hear thunder in the distance so we wondered if we’d have time for dinner before the rain. We roasted all beef wieners on green sticks over the campfire and enjoyed a delicious salad. Just about the time we had everything cleaned up & put away, the rain started so we retreated to the tent. It lasted about an hour & we emerged to explore our surroundings in the sunshine once again!

Camping at Milles Roche on the Long Sault Parkway, roasted some all-beef wieners over the campfire as we heard thunder in the distance & watched the grey skies approach. The rain started just about the time we finished cleaning up! It rained for about an hour and then we emerged from our tent to a sunny, sparkly world! Jim quickly rekindled the fire and we just hung out at the fire until bedtime. Turned out to be a beautiful night!








4 thoughts on “Day 15 – Coteau du Lac, QC to Long Sault, ON

    Diane said:
    May 26, 2014 at 5:37 pm

    Yup… still reading your blog… every post. Just thought I’d say “hi”. Emma dn Honey wish they were there too! :o) You two are awesome!

    Astrida Molenaar said:
    May 26, 2014 at 8:38 pm

    I am hoping that “no question is a dumb question”, but how did you know what to pack? And the tent and presumably sleeping bags are tucked in somewhere on your bike when you travel?

      rathbike responded:
      May 27, 2014 at 7:05 am

      Hi Astrida, that’s a good question. We had started putting together a gear list but never posted it. A good reason for the shakedown ride was to see if we had everything we needed. We packed what we thought we’d need for camping, so yes, the tent rides right on top of the front rack (it is in the green bundle) and our sleeping bag and inflatable air mattresses and pillows fit in one of the larger rear bags inside a compression sack. We planned on doing laundry a couple times a week & our WS hosts have been so kind about letting us do laundry at their homes. So we have clothes for 2-3 days & of course stuff that layers well for cold weather or warm weather.

    Sheila said:
    May 28, 2014 at 7:28 am

    You are zooming along! Too bad about all those flat tires. Think I’ll take out stock in tire tubes! ☺️

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