Day 13 – Saint Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC to Napierville, QC

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Day 13 – Saint Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC to Napierville, QC – 19 miles

We saw that the forecast was calling for scattered showers but we had to take care of some business at the Tellus store. We have a Canadian SIM card and we were able to make a phone call yesterday but were unable to activate data on the phone. Even after spending time on the phone with a service rep yesterday, they couldn’t figure it out. Data is important to us for several reasons, but primarily for the GPS feature / maps.

When Jim mentioned to the lady at the front desk of our hotel that we needed to go to the Tellus store to get our phone looked at, she arranged for a driver to take us there! Someone had recommended this bike friendly hotel to us & that is a big reason why we chose to stay there, so we were pleased to accept the offer of a car ride. Once we got there, we were glad we didn’t ride there – there was quite a lot of traffic & our driver knew just where the bank was (for the ATM) and right where the Tellus store was. Think about it – you probably know right where certain things are at your local mall (or at least where the information booth is), but at a different mall, you could wander a bit before finding what you’re looking for. So this was all very helpful! We got everything straightened out (we had a data block on the account – the phone agent didn’t notice that yesterday) & added funds to the account. Awesome to have that taken care of!

When we got back to the hotel, the lady at the front desk had a cue sheet printed out for us to get us out if town & to the next town. We also discussed the rest of our planned route for the day before heading out. By this time it was noon & we had had breakfast at 7 am, so we stopped for lunch before leaving town.

It was cool & overcast with scattered showers in the forecast. Shortly after lunch, we experienced the scattered showers, and then the rain came down heavier. Oh dang. Right when it seemed to be heaviest, Jim noticed the front tire was flat! Oh dang! We walked the bike to he nearest house, hoping we could fix it in their garage, but nobody was home, so Jim fixed it in their driveway in the rain. At least we were off the road. He fixed it pretty quick but now we were rather chilled. It’s not too bad riding in the rain because you’re working, but when you get off the bike, it gets chilly quick! We only had about 2 1/2 miles to get to the next town, so we pulled into a parking lot & stood under an awning to see what our options were in this town. We saw that there was a restaurant/motel near the highway on the west side of town, so we headed out there. We figured we could sit in the restaurant and check out our options in the towns ahead.

So, before long we were drinking coffee & eating poutine (comfort food) in the warmth of the restaurant as we checked the weather & searched the internet for hotel options in the next town ahead. 40% chance of rain later in the afternoon but thunderstorms predicted for overnight. We had planned to ride 53 miles & camp out at a campground. Cold & wet, with no good overnight options in sight up the road except for the campground, we decided to take a motel room right where we were. So, a short day for us. Rain is also in the forecast for tomorrow but we’ll just face that if/when we have to!

At the Telus store


Our brains are working overtime translating French to English (or just guessing!), kilometers to miles and a sideways map that has north on the right! Arg! So glad to have the phone data working again!


Leaving bike friendly Hotel Auberge Harris


Roads are wet, but flat!


Changing a flat – found a piece of metal that punctured the tube


Took a hotel – good thing, as it has rained nonstop today! I think we have all the necessary provisions!


If Jim finishes his socks, he’ll be totally camouflaged in this hotel room!


The rain finally stops & the sun comes out just in time to set!



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