Day 5 – Norridgewock ME to Wilton ME

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Day 5 – Norridgewock, ME to Wilton, ME (actually 6.5 miles west of Wilton!) – 42 miles

It was fun to start the day riding with our WS host, Dave for the first few miles. He was headed out on a 3-day ride with a friend. The weather forecast gave a 60% chance of rain until 9:30 & then 0% chance. We thought that was kind of funny but we took our time getting ready but once we were ready, we just took off because it looked fine. We said our goodbyes in Norridgewock and split off. Crossed a neat new concrete bridge just built in 2011.

Got down the road a bit and sure enough it started raining right about 9:30! We stopped to put on our rain jackets & rode on. Couple miles later we were having our 2nd breakfast – 2 eggs, bacon/ham, toast & coffee on paper plates with plastic silverware. By the time we got out (after eating & updating the blog) the roads were dry, so we rode on!

We heard that Farmington was a nice town so we planned to spend some time exploring. First stop was a grocery store & we easily found our way to Ron’s Market. As we were parking the bike a guy came up to us & we got talking. We love this aspect of the trip! Mark Phillips is a fellow bicyclist (with mutton chops that made Jim envious! Seriously, they looked good!) who gave us some great routing advice on how to get to the St Lawrence Seaway and confirmed that that is an interesting, beautiful ride.

We felt we had plenty of time because our gps indicated we had 6 miles to go to our WS stop, so we shopped, checked out the library, updated the blog and had a nice lunch at Soup for You. (Great place!). Heading out of town, we were able to pick up more tubes at the Hearth & Bike shop. (Odd combo, but I can see how it works based on seasons for the products.).

After that we climbed a killer hill and started questioning what we were seeing on the map. Things just weren’t looking right so we called our WS host and he told us we had another 6 miles to go after Wilton (and we weren’t there yet). It is awfully hard to get motivated to ride 9 more miles when you thought you had 3 to go! We had a snack & pushed on.

We were dragging when we rolled in to Larry & Sally’s place at the Countryfolk Music Theater. They were so welcoming & we enjoyed some great conversation before settling in to the living quarters of their museum. Their cabin burned down a couple years ago & they built a museum building with an adjoining bedroom, living room and kitchen. There was electricity but no running water yet, which is why Sally said they were reluctant to move in! The outhouse was out back and Larry left the light on for us. We can deal with primitive and we sure appreciated the hospitality! We made dinner – Ramen and summer sausage never tasted so good! Then went over to enjoy a slice of Sally’s apple pie – yumm! We talked in Sally and Larry’s trailer until dusk, trading stories about our life on the road (albeit only a few days) and Larry’s interesting tails of life in Yuma AZ and radio days and YMCA adventures. Larry and Sally put a ton if work into the Countryfolk Music Museum as well as a Sunday afternoon series of local music talent. They both have a passion for promoting the local music scene as well providing youth scholarships for local talent. It was fun to see their passion in what they do! We would have loved to roll through on a Sunday – we may have to go back!

Dave rode the first few miles with us this morning!


Neat concrete bridge, built in 2011. In Norridgewock.


Road dried out & flattened out for a bit after New Sharon.


Beautiful library in Farmington!





Univ of Maine – Farmington


Our overnight accommodations with Sally & Larry at Countryfolk Music Theater



3 thoughts on “Day 5 – Norridgewock ME to Wilton ME

    Pete Tolley said:
    May 16, 2014 at 8:35 pm

    What is “ws” that you precede “host” with

      rathbike responded:
      May 16, 2014 at 9:01 pm

      WS is our shorthand for it’s couch surfing for bike riders.

      rathbike responded:
      May 17, 2014 at 5:50 pm

      Check out our FAQs page for info on Warmshowers.

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