Day 4 – Newport, ME to Norridgewock, ME

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Day 4 – Newport, ME to Norridgewock, ME – 31 miles

We had another good day today. Even though it is early in the trip, we both are getting into a routine and things are coming a little more natural to us, planning stops, knowing when we want (or need) to take breaks and so on. We even feel like our legs are getting stronger.

We had a few climbs out of Newport, but soon we were riding along at a good pace along the Kennebec River enjoying 3-4 miles of flat. There was an old guy on the river selling Fiddleheads. We have never had any, so we turned around to get a pound (3 bucks / pound – the guy had buckets full). We asked him how to cook ’em and he said ” I don’t know, I don’t cook!” You have to appreciate honesty!

We made it to Skowhegan, near our WS host, and were disappointed that the bike shop we had looked up was out of business. We only have one spare tube at this point – thanks to a broken valve stem that happened Monday night. Shawn’s risk mitigation matrix has been on high alert since then, and her fretting is reducing both our energy levels! We will keep looking!

Our WS hosts were very warm and welcoming! Dave and Ann are both Family Practice Docs and very talented (and busy!) people. Dave handcrafts wooden boats and showed us his shop. His start was canvas covered canoes, then he graduated to small row boat / sailing skiffs(?) to a real deal sail boat. His craftsmanship is incredible. It was such a treat to pepper him with “how do you do that?” questions. He showed us the full size layout templates he has to create to get the cuts done. Jim told him it would be a breeze to get those plotted out in AutoCAD. “Auto -what?” He asked. Dave is an old school craftsman! Later Ann showed us the quilts and socks(!) she has crafted, and she does beautiful work too! And wow, her homemade chocolate pudding is to die for!!

All that – AND Ann is also in the Maine State House of Representatives. We told her that she may be the closest – most politically powerful person we know. It was fun to discuss politics with her and Dave. (And we all agreed with each other!)

Oh and the Fiddleheads: Ann knew just how to steam them up and they were delicious! A little asparagus-y although a much lighter flavor. Delicious! We will look for more!!

Pics below…

We liked the name of this market. 🙂


Coming into Skowhegan – beautiful town!


Pretty homes in Skowhegan!


Neat historic library in Skowhegan.


Fiddlehead ferns with dinner – steamed with butter and tamari sauce. Yum! Also enjoyed Ann’s homemade calzones with salad and homemade chocolate pudding for dessert!


Dave handcrafts wooden boats! Here is a canoe he is currently working on.


Another pic of the canoe


Another of Dave’s boats – if you look closely, you can see the copper rivets.


Our hosts for the evening, Ann & Dave, provided a wonderful dinner, accommodations and great conversation!



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